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Rose Rose Ranov
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  I consider my work portraits of my inner landscape; they are made with inks and acrylic paint on cotton rag paper. The subjects of my paintings are fragments of time, stains from transitions, with thread-like lines linking hints of form. The image bleeds, and the sense remains. These landscapes act as moments acknowledging my place in time through a process where I have a momentary synthesis. My work has continued to transition and I am currently working on series I have titled, ‘transplants’. Through this series I find myself moving into the abstracted environments and studying the ‘flora’ of my internal landscapes. I feel as though they are aspects of the landscape plucked out and studied like apothecary drawings of imagined herbs. The interaction between the water and pigments dictate and inform these images. This process allows for an ephemeral quality where elements emerge, submerge, and remerge, before absorbing into the surface of the paper. Each seasonal change in the immediate environment varies the absorption time and creates subtle variations; therefore the liquid reacts differently as do my marks. My interpretation shifts subtly in reaction to my surroundings, and this is echoed in the palette and composition where the space between becomes an integral part of the work. My paintings are a documentation of fluidity and the culminating process of time through a mark, a movement, a magic. Emily Dickinson described the creative ‘space’ as, “to wonder what myself might say.” For me it is when I can hear the whisper of what my ‘self’ is saying but cannot repeat it aloud, because like a fresh dream, it will dilute and slip away.
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